Established in 2004, QUARTZ FINANCE was born out of a desire to deliver high-quality, global, multi-disciplinary wealth management advice and services, based on the key principles that had driven the career paths of the company’s founders: independence, entrepreneurialism, and a commitment to excellence, underpinned by long-standing relationships.

QUARTZ FINANCE helps families, entrepreneurs and private investors in developing and monitoring their wealth management strategies, based on multi-disciplinary expertise concentrated on three key areas: wealth and asset management; investment advice; and family office services.

QUARTZ FINANCE also helps individuals from abroad investing and/or relocating in France.

We believe that, in an environment dominated by instability and economic uncertainty, the ever-increasing complexity of issues pertaining to wealth management testifies to our commitment to all of our clients – not just those resident here, but also foreign nationals investing in France.

QUARTZ FINANCE is able to deliver high added value, proactively and responsively, listening closely to clients and supplementing its skills and expertise with those of senior professionals including notaries, legal advisers, insurance companies and agents, real estate agents and specialists, and many others. Our extensive network of business contacts throughout the world means we are well placed to deal with any of the global challenges and international issues our clients are likely to face.